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SFA-10" Flex Duct 25' (Advance2,Force,Impact,Max) (SKU: 4026969)SFA-10" Flex Duct 25' (Advance2,Force,Impact,Max) (SKU: 4026969)
SFA-10" Flex Insulated Duct 25' (Adv2,Force,Impact,Max) (SKU: 4022126)SFA-10" Flex Insulated Duct 25' (Adv2,Force,Impact,Max) (SKU: 4022126)
SFA-12" Flex Duct 25 (Impact, Max) (SKU: 4024750)SFA-12" Flex Duct 25 (Impact, Max) (SKU: 4024750)
SFA-12" Flex Insulated Duct 25' (Impact, Max) (SKU: 4028366)SFA-12" Flex Insulated Duct 25' (Impact, Max) (SKU: 4028366)
SFA-6" Flex Duct 25' (Classic) (SKU: 4026859)SFA-6" Flex Duct 25' (Classic) (SKU: 4026859)
SFA-6" Flex Insulated Duct 25' (Classic) (SKU: 4020128)SFA-6" Flex Insulated Duct 25' (Classic) (SKU: 4020128)
SFA-6" Inlet/Exhaust Hood (Classic) (SKU: 4020656)
SFA-8" Flex Duct 25' (Classic,Compact2) (SKU: 4027415)SFA-8" Flex Duct 25' (Classic,Compact2) (SKU: 4027415)
SFA-8" Flex Insulated Duct 25' (Classic,Compact2) (SKU: 4020177)SFA-8" Flex Insulated Duct 25' (Classic,Compact2) (SKU: 4020177)
SFA-8" Supply Collar (Classic) (SKU: 4020623)SFA-8" Supply Collar (Classic) (SKU: 4020623)
SFA-Barb Insert Coupling 3/8” (SKU: SFBARB)SFA-Barb Insert Coupling 3/8” (SKU: SFBARB)
SFA-Caster Kit (SKU: 4028616)SFA-Caster Kit (SKU: 4028616)
SFA-Crawl Space Alert (SKU: 4030280)SFA-Crawl Space Alert (SKU: 4030280)
SFA-DEH 3000 (SKU: 4028539)SFA-DEH 3000 (SKU: 4028539)
SFA-DEH 3000R (with remote) (SKU: 4028407)SFA-DEH 3000R (with remote) (SKU: 4028407)
SFA-Drain Pan Adapter 5/8 hose to 3/4 NPT (SKU: 4025569)
SFA-Duct Kit (Advance) (SKU: 4026055)
SFA-Duct Kit , Supply Only (Compact2) (SKU: 4030203)
SFA-Duct Kit with 8" Supply Collar (Classic) (SKU: 4021453)SFA-Duct Kit with 8" Supply Collar (Classic) (SKU: 4021453)
SFA-Duct Kit, Return Only (Advance2) New in 2016 (SKU: 4035646)
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