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Welcome Homeowners

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Welcome Homeowners 

Browse our online store for quality basement and crawlspace products. We sell replacement sump pumps, battery back up sump pump systems, replacement batteries, WiseAire & Santa Fe replacement filters, and much more. To find a Healthy Basement Contractor near you - Click Here

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FastSump 1/3 HP Sump Pump

FastSump 1/3 HP Sump Pump

FastSump 1/3 HP Sump Pump
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Grate Products #1 Selling Pump

*GP Favorite Pick: We have tested this pump for over 10 years in our own service department with extraordinary results. This is a very dependable 1/3 hp sump pump. It has a very efficient 4.0 amp motor. Grate Products is listed as the manufacturer and we provide a 3 year warranty (1 year manufacturers warranty with free pump replacement for the 2nd and 3rd years).

40 Gallon Per Minute at 10 ft head  

(2400 GPH at 10 Ft Head) compared to a 1/3 hp Zoeller M53 which is 2040GPH

4.0 amp High Efficient Motor With Upper & Lower Ball Bearings / Runs Cooler & Last Longer
Vortex Impeller / Helps Prevent Clogging
Sealed Entry-Replaceable Power Cord / Easy To Replace In The Field, Prevents Water From Entering The Motor Housing Through A Cut Power Cord (Up To 50’ Available)
Piggy-Back Switch Design / Defective Switches Can Be Diagnosed By Phone; Pump Can Be Operated Manually By Overriding The Switch Every Pump Is Tested In Water /
Ensures That The Pump Meets Head & Flow Requirements

DISCHARGE 1-1/2” NPT. Vertical
LIQUID TEMPERATURE 140 Degrees F. (Intermittent)
VOLUTE Cast Iron
IMPELLER Nylon + 30% Fiberglass
SHAFT Nickel Plated Steel
SHAFT SEAL Mechanical
Carbon - Rotating Face
Ceramic - Stationary Face
Buna-N - Elastomer
300 Series Stainless Steel - Hardware
BEARING (UPPER & LOWER) Single Row, Ball, Oil Lubricated
HARDWARE 300 Series Stainless Steel
CORD (UL / CUL) Listed 16 AWG, Type SJTW
10’ Length Standard. Other Lengths Available.
CORD ENTRY Compression Grommet - Outer Jacket Seal
Quick Disconnect Pin Terminals
NEMA L Includes Overload Protection In The Motor.
Oil Filled, Class B
Permanent Split Capacitor
WEIGHT 26 lbs Shipping Weight

Warranty: 3 year (1 year full manufacturers warranty, with free pump replacement for year 2 and 3)
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Fast Sump (SKU#FSO)
Volume pricing (10 or more).

Best Volume Pricing (Pallet of 50 components).

Fast Sump is an engineered sump housing that is designed to accept large amounts of water without undermining a foundation. Works with our FastDrain system by using a FastDrain Outlet. Each FastSump includes rubber grommet, permanent mesh filter, dehumidifier plug in cover, slider with wing nut and bolt to hook up a FastDrain Outlet (Not Included - see SKU #FDO).

FastDrain Outlet (SKU#FDO)
FS Grommet (SKU#FSG)
GD/FD Plug (SKU#GDPlug)
FastSump Joiner (SKU#FSJ)
Permanent Mesh Filter Sheets (SKU#PMFS)

Complete Kits:
FastSump Pump Kit - Complete Sump Kit (SKU#FSPK)
FastSump Pump Plus Kit - Complete Sump Kit with Battery Back Up (SKU#FSPKPLUS)
FastSump Pump Plus 2 Kit - Complete Sump Kit with Battery Back Up (SKU#FSPKPLUS2)
Sump Pumps
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DC Powered Sump Pumps
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1 1/4" x 24' Discharge Hose Kit (black)1 1/4" x 24' Discharge Hose Kit (black)
12V 100AH SLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery12V 100AH SLA Sealed Lead Acid BatterySealed battery used with the GrateSump Z, FastSump Z or the BSP25, BSP45 Back Up Sump Pumps
Battery BoxBattery Boxfor extra battery
Battery StandBattery Stand
FastSump Inverter 900WFastSump Inverter 900W
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High Water Alarm, Check Valve
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1 1/2" Clear Check Valve With Flexible Connectors1 1/2" Clear Check Valve With Flexible Connectors1 1/2" Clear Flexible Check Valve
1 1/2" Slip On Plastic Orange Caps1 1/2" Slip On Plastic Orange CapsUse for empty GrateSump or FastSump Discharge
1 1/4" x 24' Discharge Hose Kit (black)1 1/4" x 24' Discharge Hose Kit (black)
2" Clear Check Valve With Flex Connectors2" Clear Check Valve With Flex Connectors2" Clear Flexible Check Valve
2" Clear Valve2" Clear Valve
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Flex Pipe 1 1/2"Flex Pipe 1 1/2"this pipe does not allow iron bacteria to build up in it
Flex Pipe 2"Flex Pipe 2"this Flexible PVC Pipe resist iron build up inside the pipe
Ice CopIce CopAnti Freeze Device
J Hook 1 1/2”J Hook 1 1/2”use to hang pvc pipe
J Hook 2"J Hook 2"use to hang 2" pvc pipe
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