Emecole 121 Premium Epoxy - 10' D-I-Y Crack Repair Kit
Emecole 121 Premium Epoxy - 10' D-I-Y Crack Repair Kit
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Product Description

For the repair of structural cracks which have the potential to compromise the foundation's structural integrity. This kit includes our advanced Emecole 121 Premium Epoxy (Low Viscosity) and all the components necessary to complete the task. Emecole 121 rapidly thickens inside the crack within 15 to 20 minutes, minimizing loss of material leaking into the soil. This also will stop water from entering the crack. The added strength of Emecole 121 ensures for a very strong bonding of the concrete after it has fully cured. For wet and leaking cracks not posing a structural problem to the foundation, we recommend the Emecole 102 Polyurethane Expansion Foam - Crack Repair Kit.

Kits include step-by-step instructional video and written instructions, product data sheets and MSDS information.

Kit Components

* Four universal cartridges of Emecole 121 Premium Epoxy (enough material to inject a 1/8" to 1/4" wide by 10 ft. long crack)
* Two jars of Emecole 901 Surface Seal and Port Adhesive (1 jar 8 oz. Part A, 1 jar 8 oz. Part B)
* 15 surface ports and caps
* Four 1/4" x 32 mixing nozzles
* Injection hose assembly with white plastic shut-off valve
* Plastic squeeze bottle
* Two mixing sticks
* Plastic trowel/Putty knife
* Wire brush
* Drop cloth
* Two pairs of rubber gloves
* Safety glasses

Tools Required with use of Kits

* Standard caulking gun
* Paper plate or scrap cardboard for mixing Surface Seal and Port Adhesive
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