GrateSump Specs

GrateSump is an engineered sump pump housing that is designed to quickly remove water from under a basement floor without undermining the soil from under the foundation walls.
The GrateSump was designed not only for the installer, but especially for the service technician. It has a solid cover that is easy to take off and easy to put on. There is a built in pump stand, large grated holes on two sides and solid walls on the two sides that face the foundation. All GrateSump liners come with a permanent mesh filter which can be cleaned from within the sump housing. GrateSumps can be joined together with a GrateSump Joiner, this allows on GrateSump to be a primary and a second one can be used to house a battery back up pump.

GrateSump Features

  • Does not promote undermining of the foundation Traditional sump liners can remove sediment from under the basement footing causing the foundation to weaken.
  • GrateSump resists iron and clogging Large engineered slots on the front two sides of the GrateSump reduces clogging and increases water flow.
  • Built in pump stand keeps debris away from pump and aids in cleaning.
  • Easy on / easy off cover No screws to lose.
  • Dehumidifier drain plug Connect your dehumidifier to the built-in drain plug.
  • Permanent mesh filter can be cleaned from within the sump housing.
  • GrateSump dual combination GrateSumps can be linked together to add an additional pump or battery back up system.
  • Every pump has its own house Eliminate cords etc. getting tangled in pump switches.
  • Virtually air tight cover Impressive steel like gray plastic cover. Reduces ground humidity from entering basement.


GrateSump Specifications

Length  14.5"
Width  14.5"
Height  19"

Made of Structural Foam PVC

GrateSump Components
(1) Solid Side Wall
(1) Grated Side Wall
(1) Slider with bolt & wing nut
(1) Sump Base with patented built in pump stand
(1) Frame and Solid Cover

(1) permanent mesh filter

(1) Dehumidifier plug

(1) Rubber Grommet

Installation Guidelines

Installation Guidelines

Break out or saw cut concrete slab approximately 2ft x 2ft square and dig down at least 22 inches. Place 2-3 inches of clean crushed stone. (If sand soils are present it is recommended to place a 2 ft square of Filter Mat (FM) before placing the crushed stone to keep the sand from coming up into the GrateSump). Place the Permanent Mesh Filter around the GrateSump so that it covers the large holes.
Place the GrateSump so the solid walls face toward the foundation walls and the openings face in so as to collect ground water from under the basement floor. Surround the GrateSump with 3/4" - 1" crushed stone or river stone up to within 2 inches of the top of the GrateSump. Re-concrete with at least 1 1/2" of 3000-4000 lb concrete or sand mix. *NOTE: Never surround the GrateSump with any
fabric type filter use only the Permanent Mesh Filter. Each GrateSump should house one pump except for our Grate Sump Z which is a job ready pre-assembled primary and secondary battery back up pump all in one GrateSump housing.

Professional Installation Available in MA & RI

Professional Installation Available in MA & RI

Fast, easy installation

Complete installation of our GratetSump with a 1/3hp Blue Angel BCAP33 sump pump (3yr warranty) is available in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Purchase the installation of your GrateSump easy and right here online. Installation will be done by a Grate Products Certified Company. Lead time is 1-3 weeks.

No need to waste time listening to 3 different sales people pitch their products. Many of these sales people are trained to get you to buy more than you may want to do. At the Basement Depot you have full control of what you want and we use Grate Products Certified Companies who we trust to do your professional installation.  Simply order online and we will take care of the rest. we will contact you by email or phone within 24 hours to schedule your installation. Basement Depot will make sure your installation is done the day and time we agreed upon or the installation is free. We have taken the worry out of having a contractor say " I will see you this day" and not show up till weeks later. We want to make your GrateSump installation experience fast and easy for you. Click here

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