I Controll BBU
I Control Sump Pump System
Battery Back Up Sump pump

Battery Back Up Sump pump

Internet Connected Sump Pump System

The incredible new iControl is an industry game changer. Combine the world’s highest performance pump equipment with the latest microchip logic AND the power of the Internet and you have a flood prevention system that will actually prevent flooding! Let’s face it, most uses for the Internet have certainly improved how efficiently or conveniently we live, but the iControl provides homeowners with CRUCIAL capabilities to protect their homes!

Internet connected to give you 100% access and
control… anytime, from anywhere
• Self-testing and detailed diagnostics, fully configurable
• Highest performance pump equipment in the industry
• Fully self-testing, fully configurable
• Capable of multiple methods of notification
• 100% redundant and fail-safe technology
• Notification by: text, email, phone dialer, existing
security system
• Always Protected. Always Connected. Always Certain.


• Huge performance: 43 GPM @ 10´ lift

• 5 days run time @ 5% duty cycle, no AC power
• Online interface. Smartphone apps also available!
(iPhone, etc.)
• Wired (recommended) or wireless (with optional
adapter) ethernet connection
• 5 year warranty
• Made in USA
• Real time remote pump testing, stats, and
configuration editing

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