EmeSeal Crete Penetrating Sealer
EmeSeal Crete Penetrating Sealer
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EmeSeal Crete Penetrating Sealer is a deep-penetrating soil gas and moisture barrier. According to the EPA, the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers is radon gas. EmeSeal Crete Penetrating Sealer reduces the presence of radon in a home by reacting with concrete’s free lime and forming an expanded crystalline structure beneath the surface. This process fills up pores, voids or cracks within the concrete, that may or may not be visible to the human eye, eliminating capillary action to prevent the penetration of moisture and soil gas infiltration. It may also be used to permanently densify, strengthen, and waterproof new and existing concrete.

Application: For block walls, dilute 1 gallon of Emecole Pene-Seal-Crete with 2 gallons of hot water; for poured concrete walls, dilute with 3 gallons of water. Be sure to mix thoroughly in a clean bucket or pail. To maximize its use, Emecole recommends two applications of EmeSeal Crete Penetrating Sealer.

EmeSeal Crete Penetrating Sealer does this by reacting with the free lime in the concrete and forming an expanded crystalline structure beneath the surface. These crystals fill the pores of the concrete and prevent the penetration of radon and moisture infiltration by capillary action (it also increases the compressive strength of poured concrete by up to 25%). EmeSeal Crete Penetrating Sealer is colorless, odorless, solvent free and non flammable. Because it is not a membrane type sealer, you can paint your concrete floors and walls after treatment, if you choose. Each concentrated gallon produces four gallons of sealer, two coats of EmeSeal Crete Penetrating Sealer is recommended for best results (the diluted four gallons gives you up to 800 square feet of coverage per application.
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