Deluxe Dual Float Controller (DFC2)
Deluxe Dual Float Controller (DFC2)
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Pro Series Deluxe Dual Float Controller (DFC2)
Can also be used for replacement switches on existing pumps.

Deluxe Dual Float Controller (DFC2)

• Monitors pump and power conditions and sounds an alarm when problems are detected
• Visual notification and recommended maintenance remedy
• Activates pump weekly to exercise and extend pump life
• Pump run time is adjustable
• Includes export terminals for connecting to a remote dialer or home security system
or home automation system

Dual Float Switch (Features)

• Two micro reed activated floats for
added reliability
• Protective cage prevents debris from
interfering with floats
• Easy installation
• Float switch can be unplugged from
controller for easy installation
• Solid top keeps out sand and dirt
• Vented, curved bottom prevents debris
build-up under the float
• Mounts to discharge pipe with included
stainless steel hose clamp
• Activation level is adjustable
• Included with DFC1, DFC1.5 and DFC2
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