Pro Series 1850 Back Up Pumping System
Pro Series 1850 Back Up Pumping System
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Pro Series 1850 Back Up Pumping System
3yr warranty
Dependable 1850 GPH, continuous-duty, submersible pump
Pumps 1850 GPH at a 10-foot lift
Stainless steel shaft, rulon seal, and rustproof housing provide long-lasting, reliable operation
Computer programmed battery charging system
Minimizes water loss in battery
Ensures that the battery is always fully charged
Computerized controller continuously monitors the pump, battery and power conditions to ensure dependable operation
Sounds an alarm and indicates when:
- the battery fluid is low and water needs to be added
- battery is discharged, defective, need cleaning (terminals)
- the AC power is out or the circuit breaker has blown
- the pump was activated
- the safety fuse has blown
Alarm can be silenced during an emergency and will automatically reset in 24 hours
Runs pump weekly to test for proper operation
USB Data port to  convey which alert has been activated or what specific maintenance might be needed
Remote Terminal to remotely notify of a problem or needed maintenance
Included with system:
Control unit with fluid sensor
Dual Float Switch
Battery Box
Battery cap to accommodate fluid sensor

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